My Writing Bag

The Writing bag ready for action

I have a back pack, my writing bag, that accompanies me on research trips, it was a Christmas present from my wife and it is very practical. The bag contains maps, notebooks, pens and something to eat. Sometimes I take a small tablet computer with me which fits inside nicely, a flask of drink and occasionally an umbrella clipped to the outside.

Often I will find somewhere to write while I am out, a library, a cafe, pub or even on a nice day a bench outside, in a park, a garden or other public space. My favourite writing places are probably libraries, there are additional means of research available using the library’s computers and internet.

My writing bag hasn’t been out at all this last year, unsurprising really with the lock down, I am beginning to assemble two new books in my mind and have written a few opening chapters for both. But I need to get out to visit the places I m writing about to find those extra details that Google cannot provide. At some point in the future I will need to return to Cambridge to help D I Arnold Lane with his enquiries. Hopefully soon it will be safe enough for a few day trips and excursions. My writing bag and me.

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  1. My laptop bag is the nearest equivalent I have (pens, notebook, dietary supplements, spare connector leads, small speaker…) It came to New Zealand with me and comes with me on the train if I travel to London without hubby and dogs. (Needless to say, I haven’t done this for some time either.)
    Mine is a small laptop and a standard-sized laptop bag which is now emulating my handbag in that it’s getting rather heavy to be lugged any further than out to the car and back.


    • I try to use public transport when I can, you can write on a train but although I can’t on a bus I like to watch the world go around as I travel, not as easy when driving a car.


  2. Good to hear you are getting your bag packed again, Phil, I’m sure Arnold will be glad to have you back on his team


    • Thanks, Wendy I have had so many requests for a sequel to Killing Time in Cambridge, it looks like I will have to see what else Arnold has been up to.
      At the moment I am working on a novel with the working title Caroline and I would like to visit a few particular railway stations.


      • Posted by Hilary on April 24, 2021 at 5:59 pm

        It would be nice to say I hope Alnwick is one of them, but we don’t have a station any more, thanks – I think – to a past Duke of Northumberland who didn’t like the hot-polloi coming here. (I’ve lowered the tone somewhat despite his best intentions!) Instead we have something you really ought to see as a fellow bibliophile, Phil: Barter Books is in the old railway station which is a magnificent building. It’s a long way to cycle, though, to see one of the best second-hand bookshops in the country, with or without cake to sustain you. I, too, await further developments with Arnold.

      • Thanks, Hilary I am struggling with two other novels at the moment, one has the working title Caroline the other The Sunken Boat Mystery but every so often Arnold and Marvin sneak into my thoughts. I wonder what they are doing.

  3. I really like the idea of a writing bag. It reminds me of the portable easels that outdoor painters use.


    • I suppose in a way it is my portable easel, although I can only paint pictures with words. There have been many times in my life when I wished I could paint and draw the way you are able to.


  4. Ohhh! I want a writing bag now!


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